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Thread: Is this considered solo-diving? (another case)

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    Yes I agree it is solo diving by definition, but are there different "types" of solo diving, where some are kind of OK (similar to 5 miles over the speed limit is "OK speeding" even if bad things can still happen, but 30 would be unwise even if nothing goes wrong)...

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    Why would this not be solo diving, despite the extremely low level of risk? It seems to me that if you're underwater breathing compressed air then you're diving, and if you're alone then it's solo. The confined/unconfined thing seems like a semantic difference at most (and, as a silly digression, how small can a lake be before it's 'confined'?).

    I would do what the OP describes without a second thought, and I'd even log it if I learned something important, but my answer to the question as stated is that it is a form of solo diving, but necessarily one to be avoided...

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    I have a similer issue I was wondering it myself but our assc pool is 4'6'' deep so I could stand up

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    IMO, there is a huge difference diving solo pool and solo OW. You can readily grab the edges of a pool, stand up, no visibility issues, has an even hard bottom and few if any entanglement issues.

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    I don't see the big difference between solo in a pool and solo in OW. If you plan and execute the dive that does not involve a buddy, then it is a solo dive. But I also don't see anything wrong with planning and executing a solo dive. Granted, the pool reduces many hazards you could encounter in OW, but it does not eliminate all of them.

    You are a solo diver. Do think about additional training and experience so you can gradually and progressively expand you comfort zone. And enjoy.

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    First off, are you just swimming around and if so you arn't diving. If you are using scuba equipment then you are training, anytime someone is conducting practice as a novice he or she is training. With no experienced supervision you may well be practicing skills improperly and therefore learning improper skills. Thats why a new diver needs all of his or her early diving to be done with supervision. It's easier to learn correctly then to correct a bad habit. A bad habit done in the wrong place could put you in jeopardy.

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    IMHO diving in a pool is just practice. There is no way that I can see where this would be anything but practice. Worse case scenario, you could push off the bottom and catch the edge of the pool and hand walk your way to the steps and walk out. I think practice in a secure enviroment is very good for new divers, or even experienced divers wanting to practice certain skills. But what are you really learning about diving solo? The next thing will be that someone will recommend that you log these solo sessions. Then with a two day AOW class and another 70 or so pool dives, you could take an SDI Solo course. Then you would be legal to dive solo where ever they recognize the cert, you just won't have the experience to go along with it.....

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