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Thread: Welcome to FINZ Dallas Dive Group

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    Cool Welcome to FINZ Dallas Dive Group

    Welcome to the FINZ Dallas Dive Group Forum! We want to extend our thanks to the Grand Poobah, Larry for setting up this forum. Excellent idea, Larry!

    FINZ Dallas Dive Group is a hip, fun group celebrating 11 years as a blue water dive club in the Addison area. Members of the club are passionate about diving the world's incredible oceans. You could say our mission in life is to dive, dive, dive! We plan regular group trips and our members have an active participation of where we plan our dive trips.

    Our Web site is located at where you can find out our latest activities and dive trip plans for the upcoming year.

    FINZ Dallas Dive Group
    Sharon Yates

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    Dallas, Texas, United States

    Bonaire in MaAy?

    Bonaire in May?
    Hello. I recently heard about Finz and just signed up on this site. I'm going to Bonaire in May and would like to find a buddy (buddies?) for at least part of my trip. Michael in Dallas.

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