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    Wet suits

    OK bear with me here, I am an old fart that spent his entire life in So Cal diving using wet suits. At first I used a number of farmer style john suits all being Body Glove as I lived a half mile from their plant. Hence the once a year yard sales were just to good to pass on. I recently acquired a home on the Hood Canal near Union and will be moving up there probably within the year. The last couple of years I have used a 7 mm one piece and it seems a lot warmer than a Farmer John as you don't have the water intrusion via so many layers. My question is would a semi dry suit be adequate to be comfortable for an older guy that is used to 60/70 degree water? Any input would be appreciated.

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    Hey Bill...

    I dive in the Hood Canal and off the Oregon coast in a Pinnacle Aquatics Polar 7/5mm Merino Lined Semi-Dry wetsuit. I find it to be very warm and comfortable suit in our 47-53 °F waters. However, the term 'semi-dry' is, in my opinion, a misnomer. The drysuit-type seals in the limbs do their job trapping water very well, which of course confines the heated layer of water in the suit and keeps the diver warm. But, when you get out of the water the seals prevent the all the water from easily draining out, so you slosh about with sodden arms and legs till all the water works its way out. So, they really ought to be called 'über-wetsuits' methinks. Scubatoys sells them, so give'm a call to find out more.

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