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Thread: Computers that vibrate or how visual alarms

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    Computers that vibrate or how visual alarms

    I just completed my open water dives this last weekend. I am getting ready to buy some equipment. The dive computer on the gear for the open water dives was a brand was a genesis. It had audible warning tones. While others were talking about having heard them I didnít. Can anyone recommend one that flashes, vibrates, or keeps the tone on until you turn it off. The only one I have found is a Tusa IQ that has vibration but itís about $700. I am looking a wrist mounted models. It may have been a fluke or the model on the consoles but I like the idea of a good solid depth and ascent warning since I am just getting started.

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    Dive Rite NItek Duo/Trio I THINK keep the audible alarm on until you stop ascending too fast or whatever you're violating.

    Are you sure you violated a rule or something? Maybe your computer just didn't go off.

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    all my atom 2 does is flashes a warning. It did this the other day when going up. I stopped and it went off. I use the wrist type and watch it non stop on the way down and up. thoug I doubt I would hear it if it had an alarm. We were divng at mermet which has under water music and I never heard it, though my dad did.

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    No I don't think I actually would have set my own off. Everyone else was complaining though about all the alarms going off in the water. I never heard any of them. Maybe just concentration. Being new and cautious, I do like the idea of as much warning as possible. I guess the other way is always have a dive buddy with super hearing.

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    That's why I really love my Tusa. I can ignore all that other noise pollution in the ocean and just wait for that vibrate on the wrist. Its always funny to watch 5 or 6 divers all looking at their computers to see who is beeping about what. It just surprises me that more manufacturers do not offer that feature.

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    Please please please do not ever give a computer manufacturer the idea of an alarm going off until the user cancels it...

    I already want to kill the guy that turned on every single alarm on the Uwatec computers as a default factory setting - they make SOOOOO much noise throughout the entire dive... I have, however learned how to disable them ALL very quickly (of course I let the diver know what I am doing and why - most are thankful to shut the thing up)

    You should just focus on being more attentive - checking no-deco time, monitoring depth and time, and slowly ascending, then all of those alarms won't matter... My computer beeps when I ascend too fast (once), and it also beeps (once) when I reach 5 minutes of no-deco time remaining... All the other alarms are turned off, and I have contemplated turning these off as well, but since they go off so infrequently, its really a non-issue...
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