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Thread: Regulator Storage

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    Regulator Storage

    After soaking and hanging to dry for a couple of days what is the best way to store the regulator setup. Hanging from the 1st stage, laid out flat, stored in reg bag?

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    laid on a shelf coiled loosely

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    That is how I do mine as well.

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    Coiled loosely, tucked into the BC, packed into the dive bag with the rest of the kit (with the exception of the wetsuit), ready to go out the door on our next dive.

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    Stored flat, loosely coiled is fine. I do, however, suggest that you store it IN something such as a mesh bag, container, etc. to keep the creepy-crawlies out. Roaches have a sweet tooth for exhaust diaphragms (also mask skirts).

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    I store mine loosely coiled in my gear bag. My regulator bag is for travel.
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