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Thread: How to get into a wetsuit easier

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    pull the legs trough the suit backwards, and put your ankle in first (with the suit legs flipped inside out) and then slowly roll it up your legs, and same for the arms... get the wrist on first, and then just push it back regular side slowly.
    hard to understand? let me know, will try and get some pics of the process.

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    Hey thanks, that sounds like a pretty good idea! I will give that a try and see if it helps!

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    Try out the Surf Jimmy product: - Easy On Surfing . You can buy it in most surf shops in the UK. works great:

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    I asked a rather attractive women one time:'how do you get into that wetsuit', she suggested that I could start by buying her a beer

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    Two things make it easy for me, wet or dry, puting the suit on or taking it off. First, I agree with the lycra skinn. Makes it easier to get in and out. Second, the main place I get hung up is my feet, thus a pair of diving socks. I've got both lycra and LavaCore. I like the LavaCore better because they are more form fitting and hold their size and shape better. Yhey make it easy to get your boots on and off as well.

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    Putting on your wetsuit easier

    Hi all!

    Clearly, making it easier to get into a wetsuit is a problem in search of a solution.

    One solution is using Bodyglide. BodyGlide is used by athletes to cut down on friction and thereby reduce chaffing. It comes in a stick similar to deodorant but can also be bough in a cream form. There are divers/surfers who swear by it to give them a head start getting into their wetsuit.

    Another solution is Suit Juice. Suit Juice is a lubricant that comes in a spray bottle and is designed to break down those body oils and acids on the inside of your suit. You spray it a couple times and rub it with some water and you slide into your suit much easier. There are similar lubricants sold under various names such as Suit Slip.

    Yet another product that helps is the Surf Jimmy. The Surf Jimmy is similar to a plastic bag - but better. Its made out of a much stronger material that is smooth on the outside, which makes you slide right through the leg of your wetsuit before removing and repeating with your other leg and arms. It's reusable and rolls up to fit in a pocket. The Surf Jimmy can be used whether your suit is wet or dry.

    Old school divers/surfers might use a dry powder such as talcum powder to making getting into their wetsuit easier. You can buy commercial products like Trident Wetsuit Eze Powder which do the same thing. Obviously, this trick doesn't work so well when your wetsuit is already wet.

    Check out these options and see what makes sense to you.

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    Ahah! I knew someone must make some lube to slide into a suit easier! When I first started diving my thicker suits, I really would have loved that stuff. I tried the plastic bags over the hands and feet...which worked alright. I tried rolling them on from inside out...also not bad. But the best thing I found for getting them on? Diving in it enough to make it a little looser!

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