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Thread: Cant access forum on my iphone???

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    Quote Originally Posted by beluga View Post
    I'm at work right now so don't have more details.

    I can always access the forums directly on my iPhone 3GS. IP Address currently is on the phone.

    When I tether the iPhone to my Ubuntu laptop for internet access, I get the 403 Forbidden on the laptop. When I go to just on the laptop, I get the default Redhat Apache page. This started happening sometime after the switch to new format.
    That would be a real good sign that your laptop (or some other machine at the same IP) has been infected with a virus, and is black listed.

    Find out what your IP address is using What Is My IP Address - Shows Your IP Address then check it here: CBL Lookup for

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    I'm running Linux (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, UNIX...) and CANNOT be infected with a virus!

    While it is perfectly true that UNIX-like operating systems are almost NEVER infected with Windows viruses, there are a number of virus-like things that UNIX-like systems are susceptible to.
    For example:
    1. Windows emulation software (eg: VMWARE or Wine) are just as susceptible to infection as native Windows. In fact, it's probably somewhat more likely that an emulator instance of Windows gets infected, because the fact that it's running under another O/S can lead to a false sense of security, and emulator instances are less likely to be protected with a full anti-virus suite.
    2. Open proxies (eg: insecure Squid configurations) leading to open proxy spamming.
    3. Acting as a NAT for a local area network - meaning that machines on the local area network could be infected, and the CBL detects the NAT address not the machine LAN that's actually responsible. It's best to secure the NAT.
    4. Web server vulnerabilities or compromises. For example, the DarkMailer/DirectMailer trojan is injected via FTP (using compromised user's userid/passwords) onto web servers, and thereupon is used to send very larger volumes of spam. Virtually all web servers are susceptible to this if they permit upload of content from the Internet.
    5. Application vulnerabilities: many applications have security vulnerabilities, particularly those associated with PHP on web servers. Eg: older versions of PHPNuke, Mamba etc. Some of these vulnerabilities are to the extent that a malefactor can install a full proxy/trojan spamming engine on your machine and control it remotely. Watch out for strange directories being created, particularly those starting with a "." in /tmp. Check for this by doing an "ls -la" in /tmp, and look for directory names starting with "." (other than "." and ".." themselves).
    6. Rootkits are where a malicious entity has installed software on your machine and buried it in such a way that the normal system utilities cannot find it. In some cases they replace the normal system utilities with hacked versions that won't show their tracks. Check that you have good remote login-capable passwords (eg: telnet, FTP, SSH), inspect your logs for large quantities of failed SSH/telnet login attempts.
      Consider running a "system modification" detector such as Tripwire.
    7. Not all viruses are windows binaries. Some viruses/worms are in application-level files using non-binary programming techniques (such as macro viruses). These can be truly infectious cross-platform.
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    I'm on the Ubuntu laptop at home right now, tethered via iPhone. IP is

    Will grab IP again if laptop sees 403 and post results.

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