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Thread: Hawaii All inclusive Resorts

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    Hawaii All inclusive Resorts

    Hello, new to the forum. Dive instructor. I don't know if this is the right place but I am looking deeply online trying to find work in Hawaii in a all inclusive resort. Preferably in Maui, work and live on location. Please let me know if you know of some, or have even stayed at one. Thank you!

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    I've never heard of an all-inclusive resort on Maui, nor in Hawaii anywhere, and we spend at least 2 weeks each year on Maui diving.
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    All-inclusive resort in Maui. Did you mean exclusive or inclusive ??

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    The only all-inclusive resort I'm aware of in Hawaii is the Kona Village Resort on the Big Island. Nice place, kinda spendy. You mentioned "work", Maui's a good bet, it's got several resorts with onsite beach activities centers that offer scuba intros and tours, plus lots of private companies. If you're thinking of coming over here for a job, do your homework, my educated guess is.... Big Island, best diving, not as many actual divers as the next two islands... Maui, most divers, good diving... Oahu, several big and small companies, varied diving... Kauai, fewest companies, OK to good diving.

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