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Thread: is there any one near dillon beach

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    reno nevada

    is there any one near dillon beach

    any one near dillon beach and is there any diving to be done there?

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    Sorry the long delay in responding to this, but I've not been around on this forum for quite a while. Hope you're about to read this.

    Very, very few people dive around Dillon Beach, as Tomales Bay is solidly in the "Red Triangle" of great white shark fame. Most of us dive north of Bodega (Ft. Ross and above) or south of Half Moon Bay (Monterey and below).

    From the folks that I've talk to who have dove in the Tomales Bay region, all you're missing is muddy, silty, very low vis water and the occasional nice halibut (not to mention the creepy feeling that two black, soulless eyes, sensitive lateral lines and some ampullae of Lorenzini are tracking your every move).

    That said, I know one, very crazy (in a good way) retired doctor who lives there and dives with wild abandon.
    - Fisheater

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