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Thread: Light for UW Photogs

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    Light for UW Photogs

    What do all you uw photographers use for a primary dive light. On night dives i have my DS-160s on, but sometimes those modeling lights arent enough, and its sometimes a pain to move the camera rig if i just want to light to the side of me or something. I was thinking about a can light, but they are expensive!! A goodman handle seems like the way to go?


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    Two-part answer to your question:

    For the diving aspect I will carry two lights, one using a soft goodman style handle and the second (back-up) clipped off to the right post (shoulder D-ring) and secured with a 1" piece of tubing to the webbing.

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    with either:
    Intova compact torch ICOM waterproof flashlight | Intova
    Dorcy Dive II 220 Lumen Submersible LED Dive Light

    For photography I use a focus light for a primary light source, if I use the strobes modeling lights I will use more for area lighting as I generally don't want them angled directly at the subject unless shooting close-up or macro.

    So all together I guess you could say I carry 5 lights on a dive , but the modeling lights are used not so often and back-up light is stowed for emergency. The goodman/light is mainly for boat/shore to location or open water and for the dive/photography the focus light (attached to camera housing's shoe) is really used the majority of the time.

    So as far as your original question IMO a soft goodman/light combo could be your answer. Personally I prefer the Intova compact for use with my soft handle, it has a magnetic switch/button on the butt end of the light that can be easily pushed when needed where I find the twist style light harder to manage one handed.

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