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Thread: Road Cycling

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    Quote Originally Posted by FishFood View Post
    Id dare say cycling can be cheaper in the long run, if you can stop yourself from buying more stuff (sorta like diving eh?). 3 months cycling and Ill invest in some chain lube. 3 months running and it's time to drop another $100 on a pair of shoes.
    Oy, you run more than I. Back in the first part of August I purchased a pair of Sauccony Grid Cohesion 3 from Academy for $39.99, and retired them at mile 501 last Thursday to prevent possible injury (although they still felt great). In February I purchased two more pair of the Cohesion 3 at the same price, because my luck, once I find something I like they either quit making it or the price goes up. The people I have talked with have told me that I should be able to find a "decent used bike" for $1,000 or so. At that rate (and if my luck holds out on shoes) I could run for almost 19 years for the cost of a used bike.

    All that being said, I do plan to purchase a bike, I just hope I can make the wise decision to purchase what I need and not a cheaper one that looks like it will work.
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    I sure wish these roadbikes would find the shoulder or another less traveled road during the 5-7pm rush hour...No we shouldnt share the road, I'm in a car.

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    I am an avid road bicyclist, and completely understand your frustration with bike riders in rush hour traffic. I'm lucky enough to live in a area where I can be out in the middle of farm fields in about ten minutes after leaving my house. I stick to the roads that are not frequently travelled by cars. I don't want to be hit by a car and don't want drivers to be angry with me, thinking I'm taking up the road. I also have flashing red lights in the back of my bike, and wear bright clothes so I will be seen.

    A lot of hard core bike riders are inconsiderate. They don't follow traffic laws, don't stop at intersections, etc. By the same token, a lot of bike riders are newbies on a mountain bike they just bought at Walmart , who cut in and out if traffic, and don't pay attention. Both types of rider give the rest of us, considerate and law abiding riders, a bad name.

    I wish irresponsible dog owners would take measures to prevent their dogs from chasing me, or running out in front of me. Seeing a shark underwater isn't scary. But, having a German Shepard dog chasing me down is.
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    I have a colleague who rides 4 hours every weekends. I think it's a good way to keep fit.

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    I do many of time when I was a student of Medical department.

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    Yeah this can be tricky. I was sure that I was developed and trained enough for long bike rides, bought custom leotards , new bike and how big was my surprise when after 15 miles I got so tired I could barely come back.

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