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    help choosing

    I know this has been discussed before but would still like some more opinions.
    My wife and I are working with ST on getting our 1st drysuits.

    We like wreck diving and are thinking about getting into tech. We dont do any penetration and probably wont. Maybe some day cavern and cave(big maybe).

    We are leaning towards Hollis. Does anyone have experience with a hollis drysuit? Or feel free to chime in on what you use and why u like it. We also want to be able to use it in warm water so we need something we can change the thermal protection for warm or cold water.

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    First off just wanna say that i have no experience with hollis so my suggestions will be other brand oriented.

    Ok with that outa the way lets have a look at the first major consideration. Neoprene or Shell.

    There will always be an argument between one and the other but here is my opinion. Shell suit all the way and here is why. Neoprene compresses at depth and loses its thermal properties. Its heavy and takes forever to dry. I find you are way less flexible and take more weight to get under the water.

    With a shell suit, you are much more flexible, the suit is light, takes less weight to get under, dries fast. Also good for warm water diving as well as cold depending on the thermal protection you choose to wear.

    Big thing to remember is your thermal protection is going to come from the underware that you choose and not the suit. A drysuit is ment to keep you dry and thats it.

    For brand names, waterproof is at the top of my list of suits i would love to have. They are expensive but you get what you pay for. I dive a Bare HD tech dry custom fit. Very nice very flexible but i likely wouldnt have got it if i didnt get the deal i did on a custom suit. Pinnicle has come quite a ways with their suits and are quite durable. The majority of techies around where i dive all dive DUI suits. They all swear by them but what i have come to notice is that the new suits dont seem to be as well made as some of their older suits. Whites makes a nice suit and i used to own one. My big problem with whites is the material they make their shell out of is quite different and a PITA to repair as normal glues dont seem to stick to the material. I know a lot of people that like their fusion, but i found it a PITA to get on and take off and i didnt like how the outer skin made the other layer bunch up and such. It makes it look like its fitting right but the bunching of material can possibly trap air or not let it flow into spots its supposed to be in the suit.

    So short and sweet, Shell that fits properly with some good thermal protection and you will be happy.

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