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Thread: For Sale: Suunto Vyper Air, hoseless transmitter, and DSS mount

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    For Sale: Suunto Vyper Air, hoseless transmitter, and DSS mount

    I just got this Vyper Air a few months ago and have barely used it a dozen times. I unfortunately need to switch to the Uwatec Galileo that our dive team uses.

    So, I am selling:
    Suunto Vyper Air
    Suunto - Suunto Vyper Air
    Retail: $895
    with manufacturer's warranty

    DeepSeaSupply Elastomeric Bungee wrist mount for Suunto Vyper Air
    Retail: $18

    Suunto Transmitter for AquaLung Vyper Air, Vytec & D9 Computers
    Suunto - Suunto Wireless tank pressure transmitter
    Retail: $450

    Yours for only $800 (including shipping in US). I'll ship internationally if you cover the costs.

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    suunto for sale

    Dear dasalomon,

    I'd take your Suunto off your hands if you want (my old Vyper appears dead and there's not time to fix it), but it would have to be quick. I live in China and am going diving in the Philippines next week. I happen to be in Washington this week, leaving Friday afternoon--do you think you can get it to me by then?
    Skype: oneota

    Best wishes,

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