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    Will be in Monterey on Feb. 18 & 19 and plan on shore diving. First time to dive here. Anyone have any advice and/or information on local dive conditions, or looking for a dive buddy these dates

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    monterey diving

    I may be around that weekend. I've done about a dozen or so dives in the area since moving up north about six months ago so I do have some idea of the sites :-P

    Monterey is cold water diving, this time of year the water is usually 46-50F. Most people I've seen dive 7mm full/hood, though I'd highly recommend a drysuit. Air temp this time of year is usually in the 60s.

    The popular dive sites are Breakwater Cove (easy entry when it's not windy, metered parking lot, short trip down a flight of stairs to the beach), Lover's Beach (very easy entry), and if you have reservations, Whaler's Cove at Point Lobos State Reserve. I've been to Breakwater and Whaler's so I can speak about those two.

    Breakwater usually has a lot of classes on weekends but is a nice dive, parallel to shore about 50 yards off is a submerged pipe that has lots of metridium and growth on it. A bit further out is metridium fields. Shallow-ish dive, max 40-ish feet. Viz may vary a lot here, but on average I'd say 20-30 feet.

    Whaler's Cove is in the Point Lobos State Reserve park and requires reservations to dive, especially on a weekend (max 15 teams per day). There's not a lot of water movement inside the cove so visibility is limited but outside the cove there's a few reefs, notably, Middle Reef, Granite Point Wall and Beto's Reef. It's spectacular on a good day, I've seen upwards of 80+ feet viz here. Hydrocoral, metridiums, yellow/strawberry anemones, lots of fish schools, sea nettles dot the waters here.

    Hope that helps!

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