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Thread: Just started DM

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    Pool day today. Finished my 800m swim with mask, snorkel, & fins at 18:38. I was the first one in my class to complete, but my time was only good for 2 points. I could have gone faster, but didn't know the time as I was swimming. Next time, I'll take my watch. I think I'll try that one again to improve my time. The 15 minute tread water was no problem.

    We did four tasks today. Mask removal and replace (4 pts), free flow breathing (5 pts), hover (5 pts), & fin pivot (3 pts). I didn't go up and down enough during the fin pivot to get 5 pts. I think I'll redo that one too.

    I'm having a lot of fun.

    I'm really competitive and don't like anyone getting a higher score than me. I'm trying not to let it show.

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    Did you keep your hands out of the water for the tread water? Or did you just go for the 3 points? They didn't have you do all the stamina tests in one day? I had to do mine one right after the other.

    It sounds like you are doing PADI, right? It has been almost a year since I did mine.

    Ask them about DSD Leader as well. If you intern for 4 Discover Scuba Diving classes you qualify for a DSD Leader certification. This means you can conduct DSD, by yourself but only in confined water and maximum of 4 students. The shop I'm working at often has classes of 8 to 12 DSD students. They usually let me take 4 of them on my own. If I assist a DSD class I get nothing, if do a class as a DSD Leader I actually make a little money.

    Oh and 5 DSD classes equals 1 certification. You need 25 certifications to start teaching specialties. I'm typically doing 8 to 12 DSDs a month right now. By the time I'm going for my OWSI I should have 20 to 25 certs from doing DSDs. This will let me add on Specialty Trainer to my OWSI.
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    I am taking through PADI. I did keep my hands out for the last two minutes. We are doing our stamina tests over two pool sessions. I think I could have done all four in one day and made the 12 points, but he didn't ask me to.

    I would like to teach DSD. Instructor is my ultimate goal, so this would be a good stepping point. Thanks for the info. I'll ask my instructor about it.

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    Yeah, same "spaced out" problem here in Nova Scotia. Frustrating to be so close and not finished. Hopefully before summer.

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    Good luck
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    Jack, it seems it wasn't that long ago we were at Tenkiller together, when you went to 100' for the first time. It is good to see you progressing so fast. I am curious, how many dives did you have when you started your DM class. Also are you taking the new DM course that just came out?
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    I'm at 40 dives. I plan to get to 100 or so by the time I finish DM. It is the new book I am working from.

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    You have 40 dives and are doing your DM???
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    Yes. That's the minimum to start DM. You have to have 60 to complete.

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    Congrats on starting your DM training. I am considering starting mine.
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