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Thread: Just started DM

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    Finished the pool stuff last weekend. I have the map, DM led course, and lake work to go.

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    Awesome. I hope it all goes smooth for you.

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    Thanks for keeping this updated. I signed up for the DM program last October, did my rescue in November and had anticipated starting full bore into this in the spring but a back injury and surgery derailed that in March.

    I just started in the pool this past weekend, first time with my dive gear on in 8 months and it was nice to be back in the water though I didn't really do much actual swimming, I was a bit sore for 3 days afterwards. It's amazing how difficult it is your first time around trying to do something you do frequently while diving with ease, but breaking it down to demonstration quality and SLOWING way down is a different animal.

    I start the actual classroom stuff tonight (my wife is doing this at the same time too) and I'm really looking forward to it.

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    Have fun with it. It's a blast.

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    Hey Brojack did you finish?
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