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Thread: Lake Erie Charters??

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    Lake Erie Charters??

    Is there any other charter services out of Ohio besides Holiday and Discovery out of the Cleveland area. I looked online and these were the only two that came up and I'm not even so sure that Holiday does scuba charters to Lake Erie. Some websites say they do but their own doesn't acknowledge scuba charters at all. Has anyone had any experiences with either of these two places and are they very accommodating to a single diver? I know discovery needs at least 6 to go. I'm from eastern Ohio that's why I am looking for charters in Ohio to keep the drive halfway decent. Cleveland is about 3 hrs from my house.

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    I only dove out there once and it was with Discovery Dive Charters. I had a great time and highly recommend them. The operation was top notch in how it was run and the Captain gave some of the best wreck pre-dive briefings I've ever heard on a charter. Not to mention they had hot homemade soup and hot beverages waiting for us between dives. As a bonus to all that I should mention that when we arrived they brought a trailer towed by a garden tractor out to our vehicles and loaded our gear up and took it to the boat for us. Likewise, at the end of the day they trailered all our gear back to the car. This meant a lot to me as I had steel doubles and deco bottles and lots gear. Next time I'm in Cleveland I will definately be going out with them again.

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    I think we can get a group together for some Erie dives. Should be some info at the show in march. Osprey Charters out of the New York end of the lake does quite a few wrecks.
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