Hey Guys! I just wanted to say hello and a big thanks to Scuba Toys. I am lucky enough to work right around the corner from these guys. I am still new to diving and I was finally able to convice "Her" that I needed to get my own gear. I called Todd up on the phone and went with the Zeagle Brigade package with a few add ons. (comfort swival and a few other goodies) Todd let me know that they didnt have my size and offered me the Hollis HD100. it is a tighter wing and fits really well. very easy to control while in the water. I had to add this because my price stayed the same. I got a $550 dollar bcd for 400 bucks. I am telling you these guys are the best. I called it in, Dropped off another reg at lunch, and showed back up at 3:30 pm and jumped in the pool. These guys were great and i can't say enough for the whole group down there. Yall keep up the good work and i am sure you can keep me a dead broke diver. All I need is the $8 to refill my tank! ( Sorry for the spelling errors )