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Thread: Using 1/2 Taper Thread Valve Tanks?

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    Using 1/2 Taper Thread Valve Tanks?

    Hello - First post here. I have wanted a double hose reg for years. I found a complete Nemrod Snark III setup including regulator, J-Valve and tank and backplate. Now I was told the tank is not worth the steel it is made of as no one in their right mind would use a tank with a valve with those threads. It is a 72 with 1/2 inch npt pipe thread. First hydro was '63. For the heck of it I took it to the testing place in town to get hydro'd. It looked perfect inside, no rust. I will get it back tomorrow. The regulator and valve have been gone through and look great. I would like to get the whole setup in working order and use it.

    Thanks for any suggestions.


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    For starters, welcome to the forum. There's a number of our members that live in your fine city.

    As for your set up? Sure, why not? I used a '58 for years with on problem. The hardest part is getting a hydro, looks like you have that in hand. Your annual vis may be a bit of an issue as well, but all you need to do is find a LDS that will do it and you're good to go. There used to be a shop on the east side that did work on 1/2" threads, but it was 20 years ago so that isn't much help. Another source of info for diving that set up is the Vintage Diving Forum: Vintage Scuba Diving Community Forum - Home I'm not a member, but have perused it a little. It's okay to go there, but remeber you are now a welcome member of ST so let us know how it goes with your "new" rig.

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    Nothing at all wrong with those tanks except that many dive shops don't know how to service them. you have to be careful that they use the right tools for removing the valve and place their wrench properly across the face or they will destroy it taking it out. And there aren't a lot of companies out there that make valves for them anymore.
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    Thanks for the info. I appreciate it. The cylinder passed hydro no problem. I dove with the double hose today to just a few feet ( still needs new hoses) and it worked great. Now to clean the crummy white paint off the steel cylinder, and get it visual inspected.

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    In stripping the old paint off, go 100% manual ... hand wire brush, followed by hand sanding. If you use a power brush or power sander, you are likely to create hot spots that can possibly damage the cylinder. It's almost impossible to damage the cylinder using only elbow grease.
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    Any chance that anyone knows what kind of o ring this valve takes? My tank is from 1958 and has an o ring that looks to be 3/4 inch OD, 3/8 inch ID with a slight taper to the inside hole. Also the back o t oring I FLAT,yes flat, not from wear but to fit that valve.
    Any help would be immensely appreciated.

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    I know that this is a bit old, but rather than an O-ring, you have a gasket. Dive centers used to stock those and you may even find an old timer that still has them. The beauty of them was that they almost never wore out like O-rings do. Good luck in your search!
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