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Thread: East coast itinerary to the Maldives?

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    I think I saw a flight there for around $1000. I am looking as well. I am trying to plan a trip there for June. Know of any good resorts there?

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    Toonces, I have not traveled to that part of the world since becoming a diver, so I am not a good one to ask. I'm doing a liveaboard trip there this fall. Chinacat and Travelsnj have both traveled extensively in those areas and would be your best source.

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    I did a live aboard(Manthiri) in the Maldives so I didn't check out any resorts. I did have a night before and day room after at a hotel right near the airport. It was nice but not where I would stay if looking for an extend stay at a resort. BTW one trip would hardly qualify as extensive.
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    What do people usually wear diving in the Maldives (i.e. what type of wetsuit)? I have done mostly only cold water diving.

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