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Thread: Headlight, Light

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    Tell her no was in the sense of a more experienced diver telling a less experienced diver not to waste the money, and why.

    Of course you can buy it, but Snagel may feel compelled to call dives due to temporary blindness....

    Maybe my buddy can sell you his wife's old one!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrsSnagel View Post
    He might be able to talk me out of it, but "telling" me "no" will just get him in a whole lot of trouble.
    Been there and done that. Really not a good idea, one of those that sounds good but in practice just doesn't work. See you on the 16th...
    - Dennis ><()))">

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    my buddy dives with 2 of the UK mini Q40 LEDs, one on each side of his mask... when we were lobster diving last year he definitely had the advantage of being hands free but whenever he looked at me I was literally blinded for a few seconds and didnt fully recover for another few moments... really a pain in the butt... maybe if you make a little angle cover (like we are trying to construct) where the light is reflected down it may not be so bad... I also heard that if you rig up a red filter over your light it is LESS harmful for your buddies eye and actually improves the quality of light you get out of it... not sure though never tested it

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