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Thread: Gear Storage - How Do You Pack it?

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    Gear Storage - How Do You Pack it?

    Since this is a dive forum, I at least try from time-to-time to enter a discussion that is directly related to diving...especially, for the many new divers on the forum.

    Here is this weeks edition......

    How do you pack your gear and/or maybe store your gear?

    Some use bags, luggage, plastic tubs, some even have rolling tool boxes. There are many techniques and nothing is the perfect fit for everybody.

    For me on weekend trips, I use mesh bags to store a complete set of gear in. I've tried the rolling tool box thing and it is just too big and bulky for me. The mesh bags seem to work well because you can organize your equipment into different bags. Traveling to the islands, we have one "dive suitcase" we purchased designed for dive gear (bought used for a good price). Works good, but so does a normal suitcase. Then when we get to where we are going I transfer things into mesh bags for getting on boats and such. (Don't want to try and get onto a boat with several suitcases full of dive gear)

    Storage at home is in my home office closet and hung up. This keeps the gear out of the elements from the garage (hot/cold/humidity).

    Would love to come accross a cheap enclosed trailer to keep all gear in and organized. Would be great to have things hung up in the trailer and a place for everything. The only issue with this is living in the midwest with all the heat and humidity, I don't think it would be wise to store the gear in the trailer all the time.

    What do you do?


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    I built a 5x6 closet in my office @home that I store my gear in(when dry) for now I end up with gear strewn about my shop area hanging on everything to dry. I want to add a small addition to my shop that has a rinsing area and dedicated hanging space to dry gear. When going diving I use a variety of containers to haul my gear. The list is revolving as I look for the best method. When going to the pool, it all fits in a mesh duffle. Save a dive is a pretty sizeable tackle box. Camera has a dedicated pelican case now. Regs go in laptop bags or a pelican case depending on how many I haul.Weights always go in akona weght bags,1 for soft 1 for hard.
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    Thanks for starting this post snagel. I've been getting lots of information about dating and dogs and guitars here but new dive discussions have been harder to find.

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    Tubs, tubs, and more tubs. The yellow and black kind that are heavier duty 400lb rating from Lowe's. They stack well and make a good sitting bench. We use the mesh bags anytime we need to hike to the water. Drysuits and wetsuits are hung up when at home, but the rest of the gear once dry is put back into the tubs and ready for the next dive excursion. Good dive topic, Snagel.
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    Storage it at home. Wetsuits are either hanging up or in a bag. Gear is stored in bins and in the summer often in mesh and water proof bags and/or bins for travel. How I travel with it really depends on where I'm doing and what I will be doing. Hitting the quarry for a class is usually a bag for wetsuits/BC and bin other stuff. Traveling for a boat dive via car is bins and bags again but lots more gear. Air travel used to be a large rolling bag but last time I flew I couldn't make the weight limits because the bag itself weighted 19lb's so I used a waterproof Northface bag.

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    At home:

    I have a nook under my stairs that was build into a closet, and everything gets stored in there in Stanley rolling tool chests except for wetsuits / fins. Save a dive kit is a 24in tool box. Wetsuits hang in the closet unless wet then they are hung in the garage on a drying rack that I built along with any other wet gear. (I will take / post photos when I get back to Dallas Thursday night, and will post them on Friday.

    On the go:

    Mostly everything goes along with me in a rolling tool chest, unless I am flying or cruising, then it all goes into a suit case that I purchased from Kohl's with the specific intent for scuba gear, I removed some of the internal supports to reduce the weight of the suit case itself, and it still holds just fine.


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    Our gear hangs (bc's and wetsuits) in a closet with the rest stowed in our rolling duffels for local diving. When we fly, our bc's, 1 wetsuit, swimsuit, and all the rest except the fins go in a standard carryon with our computers in the laptop bag and the cameras in the camera bag. Our fins, clothes and the rest of the swimsuits get checked (although someone took all my hubby's board shorts on our flight to Utila in Feb.). We take mesh bags for the boat. I just don't trust checking my dive gear!
    eta-our lights go into the checked bags with their batteries as well as extra masks.

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    I have a hanging bar and a shelf in the garage. It has all my gear, wife's gear, and now my two oldest girls gear. I can hang them wet and leave them. Tanks go underneath and I have tubs for the small stuff. The shelf is for the stuff that is not used all the time. I carry my gear to the lake in a laundry tub with some extra holes drilled in the bottom.

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    For home we have a rolling garment rack. Rolls out into the driveway so I can hang the wet gear as I clean it; it gets to drip for a bit; then rolls back into the garage. All the misc. stuff that doesn't get used much is in a few tubs on our garage storage shelving units. We also use a couple of 18 gal. Rubbermaid tubs for the back of the car when we do local lake diving. As for traveling - with all the luggage restrictions & fees - we're down to packing everything - dive gear, clothes, etc. into 2 medium suitcases for checking and 2 small rolling carry-ons. Once we get where-ever, we use 1 large mesh bag for most of the large gear (which the DH carry's), I'll carry the 2 BC's and I also an Ameribag Healthy Back Mesh bag with some of the smaller stuff (masks, dryboxes, camera & housing, snacks, water, etc.) The Ameribag also doubles as my 'personal' bag on the plane, and occasionally does triple duty as a pool or beach bag. One of the best buys I made for trips!

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    For home we use this from CostCo:

    which I learned about here: Costco sells an almost perfect dive gear wash, dry and storage rack/cart ScubaGadget – The Deep Background on Scuba

    For vacation travel we use the Aqualung Departure and pack a light mesh bag for toting to dive sites:

    For local diving I throw everything into an XL LL Bean Rolling Adventure Duffle which holds two people's medium temp dive gear:

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