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Thread: just finished my full cave!

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    just finished my full cave!

    Hi guys,
    well I just finished my full cave yesterday in playa del Carmen.
    Did it with Phocea in playa del Carmen my instructor Vincent a frenchman did a super job, extremely rigourous with the details and how to approach step by step every step of the dives. Can be a bit frustrating but it also makes you very humble in respect to how dangerous this environment is and the need for good planning.
    I had the chance here to see incredible things and the wonderful thing about this region is that the cave systems are generally shallow so a great place to learn and the diversity is incredible. This has been the best scuba course I've taken.
    Just wanted to give props again to Vincent and Didier for all their help!
    See you around in the caverns!

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    Woot, mexcan!

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    Awesome! Good for you - one of these days I'm going to come down there and spend a week in the cenotes and not even hit the ocean!

    How long was the course (i.e. how many dives and how many days?)

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    I did the intro to cave and full cave together so it was a total of 19 dives over 9 days and one day of theory.
    That's the great thing about this region you can always dive even if the port is closed, the caves are always waiting and once you're bitten well you could probably forget about the ocean for a while and have the time of your life here. This is the closest thing to visiting another world there is on this planet!

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    Welcome. There are a few of us on here that have been bitten as well. As a matter of fact we are going to Florida in 2 weeks. Be safe and remember that you have only started to learn not finished.

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    training is done but it's far from finished. I mean this is not like open water where a lot of people think they're great divers just after their open water, this is on a complete other level where tiny things can mean life or you say it is just a start, experience is important and also judgement in knowing what you can and especially cannot do and respect your own level.
    This is a type of diving that is incredible in it's beauty but also deadly and it has to be respected that way. Don't want to scare people but it is really not for everyone. Losing your line without visibility or returning via touch contact sharing air it really opens your eyes to what level of hell you can get yourself into.
    I love it but I also respect it, i'll stop rambling now.

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    Congrats Mexcan, and welcome to the club.

    For strange effects and extraordinary combinations we must go to life itself, which is always far more daring than any effort of the imagination. - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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