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Thread: Question about a dive operation in St. Lucia

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    Question about a dive operation in St. Lucia

    I am going to St. Lucia in June for my honeymoon. We are staying at Calabash Cove Resort and they use a scuba diving operation on the island called Conch & Company, or something along those lines, it was hard to understand the lady on the phone. Has anybody heard of this company or know anything about them?

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    Hubby and I went to St Lucia for our honeymoon 3 years ago. We stayed at the Sandals, which is just down the road from your resort.

    I don't know about Conch and Co, but you can give Sandals a call. Excellent divemasters, well run and clean outfit. Excellent gear. Only downside with them was the strict timing... First dive to 60ft for 45 min and second dive to 40 ft for 45 min, that's it.

    Congratulations and make sure you post a trip report when you get back!

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    never heard of that one, been diving with Scuba Steve twice, excellent and Fair Helen once (DM was lost) and we went around in circles. Next time, going with Steve again.

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