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Thread: Brac Reef Beach Resort/Cayman Brac

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    Brac Reef Beach Resort/Cayman Brac

    Howdy everyone!

    Well we just got back from Cayman Brac and the Brac Reef Beach Resort and I thought I'd share a trip report for the week.

    Getting There : Was supposed to be easy with a flight from Raleigh/Durham to Miami and then a non-stop to Cayman Brac arriving at 12:30 (lunchtime) but AA found a way to screw it all up. I have never seen such incompetence at the ticket counter. They canceled our early morning flight without ever giving a good reason and then had us running back and forth between airlines until we finally found flights on Continental into Grand Cayman and then finally to Cayman Brac. The bottom line is we made it to Cayman Brac on Saturday but not until late in the evening instead of early like we had planned. Never AA again unless there is absolutely no other way. They suck.

    The Resort: The resort is beautiful and still like brand new! It has only been open for a little over a year since they rebuilt from the 2008 hurricane. The rooms are large with great AC and plenty of hot water and good water pressure. Each room has a "front door" that is street side I guess you would call it and a rear door that opens up to either a patio area if you are on the first floor or a balcony if you are on the second. Either floor gives a great view of the ocean. Once checked into our room, we never used the front door again until the morning we left. The rear door opens to everything like the beach, pool, bar, restaurant, and maybe I'm too trusting but I never once locked that door and had no problem. We did "upgrade" to the suite but the main benefit to that IMO was having the mini-fridge which was nice. We also had a room safe I kept my wallet and passports in. All in all the resort is first class in my opinion and the staff couldn't be better. Great job cleaning the room and the grounds are spotless.

    The Food: Just too much and way too good! Buffet breakfast in the morning with lots of fresh fruit and juices, muffins, bagels, toast, bacon cooked perfect, sausage links and patties, scrambled eggs, potatoes, cereals, a guy doing omelets, etc etc. I think you get the picture. Lunch would have two or three different salads, meats & cheeses to make your own sandwich, and maybe three different types of entrees. Lunch would also have some simple but tasty desserts. Dinner was again a buffet with more salads, a soup or two, and probably four different entrees like some sort of beef, chicken, fish, and pork and as much as you wanted to eat. The desserts in the evening were great. I think they usually had three or four to choose from and all were excellent.

    The Diving: The dive operation was just what I expected it to be. A first class run operation. We had the 17 dive package and never touched the BC until time to leave except for putting it on of course. You sit at the back of the boat, put on your fins and mask, and they bring your BC to you. If my BC were green I'd have thought I had just won the Masters and they were slipping on my green jacket. They also carefully handle your camera and when you return from the dive they take it from you and give it a good rinse before placing it on the camera table. When you climb back on the boat you sit at the back again and they take your BC and switch it to the next tank. We had several folks in our group who had not had this "valet" style of diving and now are spoiled.

    We did the typical wall/deep dive first and a more shallow dive second. First dive was a usual profile of a max depth of 110 ft. for 50 minutes. The second was like 50 - 60ft for 60 minutes. The diving itself was really good. There was some chop on the water all week so when you did the second dive and was in the shallow areas of that dive, say 20ft. or so the vis suffered a little but still not bad. As a group we were lucky for the week as we spotted (not me of course) THREE hammerheads. That was quite rare we were told but several folks saw them off the wall. Of course we saw several nurse sharks, turtles, etc. Pretty much the typical Caribbean stuff. The reefs are in great shape and get very little diving pressure.

    Now what was amazing to me was how the grouper have learned what the spear is and what it is for. The will follow the DM and when he spears the Lionfish, they will eat it right off the spear. Also, they will actually lead you to the lionfish. I was swimming along the reef and just down the reef maybe 30 ft. the grouper were going nuts and would swim to me and then back to the spot. Sure enough when I got there a big old lionfish was under the ledge. (Not anymore)

    The dive staff couldn't be better. We had Ian, Paul, and Barb during the week and can highly recommend them but the other boat really liked their crew as well so I don't think you could go wrong with any of them. They are just a lot of fun to be around and didn't try to babysit anyone. If you want to follow them on a dive you can and if you want to go and do your own thing no problem. Mick is the dive shop manager and they usually teach Nitrox on Wednesday if anyone wants to take the course. My wife and I decided to take the course but asked if they would do it on Monday evening and he said no problem and did that for us.

    So all in all I can highly recommend Brac Reef Beach Resort and Reef Divers. We all had an excellent week and without hesitation we would all return for another visit.

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    All the people at Brac Reef are fantastic! Our group from Minnesota was one of the first large groups do the Brac after the rebuild was finished. This was my first warm water experience and they have spoiled me for resort and dive operation quality. I also can not say enough about the food. It is absolutely amazing!

    For Crew we had Ian, Bret and Bj. Did Ian ever sign karaoke for you guys?

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    My family is going to Grand Cayman in 2 weeks. Sounds like you might have been there before. Do you, by chance, know of a dive company that might be familiar with working with disabled divers?

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