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Thread: Next two classes

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    Quote Originally Posted by FoxHound View Post
    if ya got decent buoyancy then yeah, nav would be good......compass work is super important!
    That it is. I use alot of navigation when I'm fishing big lakes. A compass and map is how I navigate. Pretty simple stuff when you have the basics down. I sent an email to my instructor on seeing if these two could be done in one weekend of diving.

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    good stuff, compass and nav is pretty well the same in water just a tad more tricky, what i have found is, a lot of people dont keep the compass level and complain that its not working for of the reasons i like seeing a compass on a retractor, or on your wrist....easier to to orient it properly and easier to follow a bearing

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    Nav is my vote. If your good on the surface you should do good underwater. One thing to remember is check your math, trust the compass and keep a steady kick cycle. People tend to speed up when navigating. Remain relaxed. You can have days of fun setting up and running shallow Nav courses. Using natural or even making landmark waypoints by stacking stones or using cans and bottles you find underwater. Safe Diving..
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