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Thread: Athens scuba park 5/28 weekend.

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    Sachse, TX

    Athens scuba park 5/28 weekend.

    Water temp 83
    Vis 10 to 15most places but only inches around new plane
    Very windy
    Listening to live reggae band right now from other side of pond.
    Good times

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    Outside Rockdale, TX
    Thanks, Joe!
    Will be out there next weekend!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TwistedSister209 View Post
    Thanks, Joe!
    Will be out there next weekend!
    I couldn't get off work for the weekend so we went out Thursday
    Visibility was @ 25ft. and water temp @ 78dg. We dove 2 tanks and saw pretty much everything!! Good times

    As as always, Shannon and the staff were awesome!!

    I can't wait to see the video of the new plane going in!!!!!
    Have fun!!! Hope to catch everyone next time.


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