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Thread: Small strobe light

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    Gotcha. I may just have to invest in one before heading back to the lake, and definitely before Bonaire.

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    I use a Jotron AQ-4. Had it for around 5 years no issues at all. Although at around $120 USD, I believe, it's probably more than you wanted to spend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by below sea level View Post
    I'm looking for a strobe light to mark the entrance of my night dives. I'll be traveling with it so size and weight is important. Any suggestions?
    This the strobe light I use

    UK Tactical ACR MS 2000 Strobe

    ACR MS2000 Military Strobe Light with 250,000 peak lumens. The ACR MS 2000 is A Compact, lightweight and waterproof down to 15m, the unit also has a large sliding switch for easy operation under the harshest conditions. The shielded blue filter is important to distingquish strobe light from ground fire. Includes safety lanyard.

    My question is, how do you ensure the equipment is still on the shore when you get back from your dive?


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