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Thread: What's your opinion of the dive options in Playa Del Carmen

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    I was at the Grand Sirenis in '07 & '08. At that time, it was very new and we absolutely loved it. It's a very large resort (aren't they all). There are many pools and places to eat. You will want to get dinner reservations quickly. You have to make reservations for the various resteraunts. The biggest drawback is that none of the rooms are really "ocean view", but nice. One of the "issues" that many talk about is the open bathrooms. You do have some privacy on the toilet, has a fogged door, but the for the most part the bathrooms are open to the rest of the room. Not an issue unless you are in mixed company.

    The beach area has or had a dive shop. I think it was called Aqua Inn, but don't quote me on that. They were great and attended to all our needs. It was a little expensive with booking dives, but they do offer package deals. A couple years ago there was some issues with the dive shop because a couple was killed while parasailing...the line broke. The Captain and Owner of the shop skipped town.

    I highly recommend the Grand Sirenis. They have a lot to do and the service is great. They do have a theater at night and provide entertainment every night. They have a lot going on during the day or you can just veg out on the beach or in one of the many pools. The food was pretty good for what they do (serve hundreds of guests). A lot of variety. The bell staff was probably the best I've come across and will work very hard for you shuttling you around if needed. I took my elderly mother on this trip twice and she actually had the cell phone numbers of many of the bell staff who would pick her up at the room in the golf cart and drive her around. She loved it and I think she tipped very well.

    This was our first "exotic vacation" and we returned. We've been to so many places since and Grand Sirenis is at the top our list of great places. We plan on going back, but there is so much of the world to see.

    Hope this helps and if you have specific questions, let me know.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeagle Eagle View Post
    You need a cave certification for Cave diving. You don't need one for cavern diving.
    I just returned from FLA last week and Cavern coarse and were did you get this info from? Cavern coarse is the first step in becoming a FULL Cave diver. In FLa there is one Cavern I know of that a OW water diver can enter and that is Ginnie, the cave has bars over the entrance. The devils eye and the rest of Cavern OW diver aren't allowed to carry lights and don't get caught in a Cavern or Cave without having the right colored arm band. Most of the springs that have caves won't even let a OW diver in the water, even the state owned ones. Bennet Springs in Mo you have to sign into and present a cavern or cave card to dive. Saying you don't need a Cavern card to dive Cavern is like saying you don't need a OW card to dive in scuba tanks.

    More OW divers have died in the Cavern Zone then Cave Divers have died in Caves. Diving in overhead being in cavern or cave you need special training. Just think if you are in cavern and silt the cave out to the point you can't see - now what do you do?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeagle Eagle View Post
    You need a cave certification for Cave diving. You don't need one for cavern diving.
    But I would definitely have a cavern certification to go into the cavern zone of a cave. I will admit I have not dove any cenotes in Mexico and can only go on what folks have said, but I can't help having some concerns about them. All it takes is one time when things go wrong to effect everyone in that dive team. I took the cavern class and the biggest thing it taught me was how dangerous cave diving can be if you're prepared and how deadly it can be if you're not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeagle Eagle View Post
    The cave diving community conventionally defines the cavern zone as an overhead environment where:
    - natural daylight is always present (a night dive in the cavern zone is a cave dive!),
    - maximum penetration from open water is 200ft/60m,
    - maximum depth of 70ft/21m,
    - minimum starting visibility is 50ft/15m,
    - there are no restrictions (parts of the cavern where two divers cannot swim side by side),
    - all dives are within no decompression limits.

    You need a cave certification for Cave diving. You don't need one for cavern diving.

    You need a cavern certification for cavern diving. You can get yourself into some serious trouble diving caverns and they can quickly and easily become a cave with just an errant fin kick, or even your bubbles just hitting the ceiling! Without the proper training it's just a role of the dice, the question is will you be lucky or will your luck run out?
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    Don't enter any overhead environment (wreck, cavern, or cave) without both the proper training AND the proper equipment.

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    Dove for two one-week trips with Tank Ha. Great operation.

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