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Thread: Bobby likes to help out

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    I in no way intended for what I said to be misconstrued that the disease is funny, it's not. She doesn't recognize family, she has pictures of her husbands (7 exes to be exact) & other family members on display but doesn't know who they are. She doesn't even know that she's in Ohio now instead of living in Florida. She was diagnosed about 5 years ago but thankfully has never acted mean, violent or raised her voice at anyone. I had an aunt that was a nun for over 60 years & a college administrator and when she developed dementia, she started cussing, screaming and went downhill very rapidly, nothing in character for who she was when she was living because when the disease set in, she had become someone entirely different and she died shortly thereafter. Nothing funny about that at all.

    I was referring to specific things that my wife's grandmother has done over the past few years that have turned into tales around the house at family gatherings. For example: My wife, her brother, her mom & dad (parents are divorced but both present for this so Dad could spend time with his son & help out), had all gone down to Florida to move grandma into a home, fix some things on her house, clean it up and get it on the market. Due to her condition she was moved into a locked, assisted living facility. She managed to find a phone at someone's desk, called the operator and got connected to a cab company. The cab driver shows up, walks in to pick her up and a brand new person is at the front desk. The facility has both free to come/go and locked residents. Well the new person walks inside, asks for her in a room full of people and takes her right out to the cab driver, she climbs in the cab and gives him her address.

    Meanwhile, back at the house, Dad is there making some plumbing repairs and carrying trash out to a dumpster they had brought in. My wife & her mother had run to the store and my brother-in-law was at Lowe's/Home Depot picking up some things they needed. The cab shows up and she doesn't recognize Dad and he's of course alone and carrying her "stuff" to the dumpster. She called the local sheriff, they responded to the house and dad is trying to explain everything to both her and them. Well of course her photo ID matches up...his is from TX, uh oh. So they start making him climb in the dumpster and start carrying things back in while he's trying to get in touch with someone to come straighten everything one is answering their phone of course. After he gets done carrying the things back in that she thought weren't "trash" - she did flea market sales for a long time, velvet Elvis & unicorn paintings, check; gold and silver athletic shoes, check; gold and silver frilly hats, check; fanny packs, check. They get ready to arrest him when mom pulls back up to the house and thankfully she had the paperwork showing Grandma was supposed to be in a locked home.

    After resolving the situation, Mom takes Grandma back to the home and they search her before taking her back to her room. She had 3 screwdrivers and a box cutter so she could have some "tools to escape with" the next time she wanted to go somewhere.

    I have bailed her out of jail in Georgia and kept her from being arrested in Ohio. She has turned into a wheelchair alarmed restraining device escape artist. Those are the stories that are funny but not the disease itself.

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    I agree the disease is unkind. I was not yelling at you. Just being sad about how
    much of my Mom has been removed by the disease. I do love the funny stories! I was taking Mom to see Dad in the hospital on her birthday several years ago. I asked her how old she me that she was going to invent a special glue to make things stick in her head. She rarely recognizes me anymore so I just tell her that I am her favorite daughter. 80)
    God is good, no matter what!!

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    Yea... it is a horrid thing, I cannot imagine how scary it is to know.. when you know, that you have it.. if that makes sense.

    I don't think anyone is making light of the subject, but.. with out family anyhew.. we use humor a little to take the sting away.. even if for just a moment.

    Sine Timore!

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    It's difficult to take my MIL out in public. For instance, we my wife, my MIL, FIL, and I were eating dinner on a cruise ship. The MIL turns to the folks at the next table (four African Americans) and asks them, "Why do black people always sit together?" We three wanted to crawl under the table or flee the scene. Thankfully, the elderly woman explained this was her family. She was most gracious. We were stuck on the cruise ship and knew there was no escape for the next five days.

    My MIL and I have had run-ins. I can take her in small doses. Yeah, I know it's her disease speaking, but that does not make it any easier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scubastud View Post
    Bobby is my nephew, he has Downs Syndrome. My mother has alheimers or dementia or both , I'm not sure what the difference is.
    At mom's birthday party last month Bobby grabbed a cup and brought his grandmother a cup of coffee.

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    (The cup was a gag gift to my sister from some co-workers.)
    Looks like Bobby "IS" the smart one in the family!!! Bobby has respect for his elders, albeit knowingly or not. I'm sure Grandma has earned her title. She should keep the cup for herself.
    All irony aside- Laughter gets me through the tough times! Thanks for sharing.

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