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Thread: Headed to St Thomas in October for Vaca

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    Headed to St Thomas in October for Vaca

    Me and my dad and brother are headed to St Thomas this October for family vacation. I am currently cert and they are currently in process of getting their cert. This is a family vacation versus a dive vacation, however I will be diving at least 2 of those days.

    I was looking through some of the other posts and they are a little dated and was wondering about recommendations of Hotel (on the beach only) and Dive Ops. I see Admirality Dive is hightly recommended. What sites are great to go to?

    Any touristy advise for the island as well would be helpful

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    Used Admiralty, but we came in on a cruise ship, so I don't know about hotels & such. Duane and Laura - the owners of Admiralty, were both super nice and we had a great time. (In fact my favorite t-shirt is still one I bought from their shop!)

    Pre-diving trips there we went over to St John's to snorkel - amazingly beautiful; and we did a trip over to Magens Bay to the beach. Also very beautiful, and named one of the top beaches in the world.

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    We stayed at Green Iguana on Blackbeard's Hill above Charlotte A. Short drive to Maugen's beach, Havensite & rest of CA. Rooms aren't special, but reasonable and they have kitchens. Above town, so out from much of the noise. We did a couple of dives with Water World Outfitters in Havensite. In that same area is Atlantis which runs a submarine, non-divers can see what they are missing. Just a caution -- avoid going out anywhere (unless walking) when the cruise ships are in port. The residents have a paper that is published weekly that lists the dockings. There seemed to be more cars than roads, grid lock lots of time.

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    Admiralty is great. Duane will take you to the best spots for the day. We did the Kennedy wreck and Sprat Point reef. On one of your non dive days, make sure you hit Magens Bay beach.

    Ugh, just realized this was from 7/2011 not 2012.
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