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Thread: Gps use

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    Quote Originally Posted by tc_rain View Post
    Roaming can get expensive while running data.
    well... I'm going to Costa Rica in August and the other day put the phone in airplane mode and then turned on the gps which worked, it looked as if all that was being used was the gps in which case I don't think I would be charged for roaming.
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    I went to Verizon and talked to them. They stated the charges could be very expensive due to roaming and receiving data. The rep said some places could be up to a dollar a minute. Needless to say I didn't test his word and just kept my phone off while we were there.

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    I've used a Magellan Platinum in Iraq with good results, was able to down load maps of the area and had no problems. I now have a Delorme GPS with the same results-was able to down load a lot of areas and used it all over in the Caribbean.

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    As has been mentioned, its all about the maps... Any GPS will give you coordinates anywhere there is GPS coverage in the world, which is a good portion of it...

    Google maps will work in a limited fashion offline, but really won't work well at all especially when you are very far from where you normally use it... There are Android apps that allow you to download and store maps however for other applications to use as GPS, which I have done and it works pretty well... (Search, there are a couple different ones)...

    On my Garmin, I simply get the maps for the part of the world that I want, copy to SD Card, it loads (it even says its loading them when you turn it on) and then you are good to go... Mine have all been nautical charts, but, there are road versions as well... In not-so-well developed countries however, road databases aren't nearly as good as the US...
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