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I've seen new HP100s going for $325 to $400. A good deal would be half price. You'd still have to pay for a visual and possible hydrostatic test but that is $20 to $50. Obviously, the older the tank the less it should be but these things last for decades. So even a 15 year old tank has a lot of live left in it.
Thanks for the tip. Looks like the guy selling the used tanks doesn't know how much he wants for them and "will get back to me" on it... I won't hold my breath for that. Also won't be buying a tank anytime soon due to a surprise week without pay - so I guess it doesn't matter that much!

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Do you ever get down to the Haigh quarry in Ill. ?
If you ever get there, let me know when you are going.
You can try out my worthington LP95 or a LP85 that I dive with. Or, if you want you could test drive my LP85 doubles.
I can do over an hour dive with a LP95 with an avg depth of 25 ft., and still have 700 to 800 psi in the tank.

The LP85 will trim out very much like a HP100 and the LP95 will trim out like HP130.

If your wife dives an al80, I feel that you would be best off going with a LP95, a Hp100 or something close in size.
If you do go the steel route, Worthiongtons and Fabers are most common brands. I like worthingtons because of their finish, they are hot dipped galvanized rather than painted.

Good luck, Jim breslin
Never been there, but I would love to check it out sometime! We will be at Mermet for the DUI event at the end of September though.
Thanks for the input!