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Thread: Fins for a bum knee

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    Do you have any good exercises to rehab a bum knee for finning? Would you recommend these exercises for SCUBA conditioning with okay knees? The reason I'm asking is that while I'm good friends with the squat rack, if I haven't been diving, my quads will still be sore after a dive with moderate finning.
    I'll try to put something together for rehab - it is really going to vary between people based on what is causing the problem. Hip strengthening is usually a big factor with knee patients - and building up strength and endurance would really help someone that uses a scissor kick. I'll see if I can come up with something useful though

    I too am good friends with the squat rack - and find that my quads do get sore after a lot of diving. I think I big part of it is the endurance aspect - like running - using different fibers than you hit when hitting the weights.

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    I'm going to agree with CWSWine on the bio-fins. I started my AOW with an ADHD teenager as my partner (really, he was taking meds for his ADHD but stopped while diving). Was using blades. My legs were so sore after trying to keep up to this kid. I bought the bio-fins and finished my AOW with the shop owner (and instructor). After a nav exercise, she took me aside on the boat and gave me heck for smoking her in the water. Took everything she had to keep up with me. At first I had no idea what she was talking about then I realized it was the bio-fins. Those things rock.

    That said, I'm getting into technical diving and I find the control on the bio-fins isn't great. I switch back to my blades and just strengthened my legs, bought a set of paddle fins now and will continue to work on strengthening the legs. Mind you, I was just out of shape and my knees are fine.
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    4 knee surgeries and have needed a 5th for about 8 years now. I use the same fins that PTAaron does, the Tusa X-pert Zoom split-fins with no knee pain. I did try the Scubapro Twin Jets and they were OK, but since I'm a big guy, I needed something just a little stiffer. I have also learned to frog kick which really helps me dive pain free.

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    Just a piece of advice from my experience. I started with Mares volo power and did NOT like them. They are easy on the knees but don't pack that great and don't develop a lot of power. It sounds like splits are a good bet, I can't advise on that.
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    Thanks for all the info everyone. Looks like I'm gonna have to spend the extra cash for a good pair of fins that don't hurt my knee. I've done a little research coupled with the advice you have all given me and narrowed it down to either the Apollo bio fin or the Tusa X-pert zoom. The zoom are a bit cheaper and there is a special right now on them for $139 with a pair of springs. I can also get them by themselves for $99. The Bios are straight up $165 most everywhere.

    I am concerned about the fit of either since there are no dealers that carry these to try them on within 100 miles of me. I wear a size 10 Pinnacle(5 mm) soft sole.At least they seems soft. They have a solid rubber sole. But I wear a size 12 tennis shoe...kinda odd. The Aeris Mako fins I have now are XL. I've heard the bios run big though. Any sizing advice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scubadiver888 View Post
    Thanks for the lead! I bought his Bio Fins and thanks again too all who contributed.

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    As the 23 year old queen of knee issues and surgeries, I definitely recommend splits. I use a pair of tusa zoom fins, they aren't the top of the line most expensive thing out there, but there's a huge difference between my splits and my tusa paddle fins. I got mine for I think 70 bucks.
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