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Thread: Pelagian Wakatobi Trip report

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    Pelagian Wakatobi Trip report

    Pelagian Dive Report: Beware is the first thing that comes to mind. What you book and what you get are two entirely different things. Even if you confirm with Wakatobi prior to your trip that what you think you're getting and they agree to it in writing you still won't get it. For example they changed my 10 day charter (which was booked a year in advance) to two 5 day charters but assured me I wouldn't be diving the same sites as the resort even though I shared my concern that my itinerary would be compromised by having to return to the resort half way. Henrik, the vice president told me personally that wouldn't happen and it did, a full day and one half. I also made my booking because of others who told me about two of the best sites over by Buton. I am a videographer and that was my main focus doing those muck diving. I wanted to make sure I was going to dive there and again spoke to the VP and made sure he was aware of my concern - again because of the altering of my contract booking, his reply, I will contact the proper people to make sure you will dive this area. That never happened - even after several requests on board. There were others who were there specifically for the muck diving who shared my disappointment. My master suite was so overridden with mold we had to keep our door open all the time and another couple requested to have them move from their mold infested cabin to another vacant room and they gave them a real hard time and wanted them to pay for the other room. I have other issues as well but the above is the main issue. I should mention I did contact the VP on this issue and after the response "I wish I knew what to say" I have tried to communicate further and received no response. If you have any notion of going on the Pelagian then don't read any of the information they post on their website for you will be disappointed. You don't get all what they say or what you pay for. Beware!

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    Follow up:
    Well folks, apparently I'm blinded by the light. According to them it's all a matter of perception. I guess I wasn't promised to dive certain sites? I guess my room didn't have mold and odor. I guess most of what I experienced in a negative way should have been looked at in a positive way like I should have said to myself "Oh so what that I spent well over 10 grand and thought I was getting certain thing and I didn't? They say others would have just been happy to have stayed at their establishment and looked at my short comings with a big happy face. Make what you will from this but I for one won't ever go there and will share with others my experience. There are tons of places to go in the region that are a heck of a lot cheaper and don't think you're getting anything high end from Wakatobi, which is suppose to be there main sell. Safe diving to all.

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