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DK, it depends on the type of diving your'e doing. Dark dirty water needs a tight beam giving you less backscatter and more punch for the same power, but if using as a general light the wider beam is often nicer to use especially in clearer waters and night dives. Also batteries make a big difference when travelling, ie AA are easier to find than AAA and CR123 may be impossible, rechargables are a good option but may not last as long.
oddbod - Thanks for the insight. I will be doing my first live aboard with the wife. She has never done a night dive and the two back up smaller lights we have are not good enough to be primaries, only to get back to the boat. We only have the one light used for video which is a Sola 800 and by the time you rent one for a week, it almost pays for a inexpensive one so I figured I would buy another light. I am not a fan of the Sola because even the spot mode is so bright and wide that it practically lights up the entire reef. Almost makes it feel like diving during daylight and it scares the night creatures back into hiding. Thanks again.