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    Any advice on training to hold your breath longer underwater?

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    Join a free diving club. You'll learn a lot fairly quickly and it should be a safe environment to practice in. If you just take tips off the internet you might be exposing yourself to things like shallow water blackout.

    Generally safe things you can do are improve your lung capacity (cardio, running, swimming, etc.) and be more efficient in the water.

    For example, first time I tried swimming the length of a pool underwater I barely got 25% of the way. I then tried a different technique for swimming (more like a dolphin than a swimmer on the surface). I pumped and pumped like crazy. Made it 100% of the way but was dying when I came up for air. Watched someone else and realized they made it look gentle and effortless. Used the same dolphin technique but focused on a smooth rhythm and took my time. I used up a lot less oxygen because I wasn't pumping like crazy, picked up speed as I got the rhythm going and covered the full length of the pool in one breath without much effort.
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    There is a section on beginner freediving which may help.

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