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Thread: Basic Wrist Computers (his and hers)

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    Since this thread was started almost 3 years ago, anybody know what he did exactly? My suggestion, do what I an entry level puter and then later purchase a really good one and give the entry level to the wife. Hey, it works for her.

    Honestly, my big issue with the computers is they are making the screens a lot smaller now days it is hard for me to read. So, I would focus (no pun intended) on getting something you can read.


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    Okay, I want to match up the algorithms between my Cobalt, my Oceanic Pro Plus and my new Oceanic Atom 3.1. Any suggestions which one to pick. I guess I could dig out my manuals; but, y'all know how I feel about reading directions. It's so much easier to pick your brains.
    --Zeagle Eagle

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