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Thread: Do you want to train me or not?

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    So ScubaDoobyDo did you ever find another shop to do DM with?
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    Sounds like you have done the right thing by checking with another shop. By this time they should have done something with you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cgvmer View Post
    So ScubaDoobyDo did you ever find another shop to do DM with?
    Yeah, you're listed as living in Allen... I know this really kick ass shop just a short trip across the George Bush....
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    This sounds like a poorly run diveshop/training organisation. As a member of a PADI Go-Pro team teaching DM & IDC all year I can honestly say that you should move on. We engage our DM candidates on a daily basis, give them a clear schedule and we keep to it. Like someone else said, if they are advertising DM courses they should be able to run one. This looks like a clear lack of commitment to pro-level training IMHO. A DM course is demanding not only on the student, but also the Instructor, so maybe they are not up for the challenge!

    Good luck with your DM. I hope it all works out for you!
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    Well....I got a little busy! Yes, I did finally move on and worked with a shop that I had been diving with for a couple of years down in Panama, Central America. I completed my DM...went on to Instructor and I'm now working in the shop in Pedasi, Panama. Come visit me...I'd love to dive with you!

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    Awesome story! Glad to hear it worked out so well. Although I'm no where near experienced at all, I ran into the same problem with just basic dive training. Some shops made it hard to get a hold of them, and when I did, it seemed like I was a burden, and they would be doing me a favor teaching me. I moved on to a different shop and it was the best decision I made. I feel that if I'm not comfortable completely with the dive shop, I won't perform my best in the water, and that could be dangerous. I'll come check you out late this year, me and the wife are planning a trip around that area!

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