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Thread: Please help me ID this Zeagle BC

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    Please help me ID this Zeagle BC

    The hose keeper says "Concept" but it's not like the "Concept II" I'm familiar with that's featured on the Zeagle web site. I would describe it as as Ranger made of lighter weight material, no pockets scabbed onto the ripcord pockets, and a 45# bladder with elastic knit cover.

    Any help would be appreciated Thanks in advance.

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    The nice thing about Zeagle is they do put the BCD name on the BCD. I would say this is definitely a Concept BC. They haven't made it for a few years as I recall, but it is definitely a Concept.

    Here's a picture of a large Concept for sale on ebay: Size large Zeagle Concept BCD | eBay

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    Definitely looks like a Concept, not a Concept II.
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    Thanks for your help. I think I'll go ahead and call it a "Concept I". Definitely a nice BC if you're looking for a leaner version of the Ranger.

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