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Thread: It's been a while

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    It's been a while

    So I've been away for a few months. Somehow in that time, I made my way over to Europe to do some studies. I've been living in Dublin, Ireland for the last few months. I went diving on the West Coast out of the town of Killkee (who knew that coral reefs were still so beautiful all the way up in Ireland).

    I digress...

    I've been out of the water for a few weeks (itching to get back in) and will be finding myself in Malta for Thanksgiving weekend... I know, lucky me!!

    I've contacted the only Dive Shop in Malta, and they are helping me to plan out the trip. Has anyone ever used Aquatica Diving before?

    Diving in Malta - Dive Schools, Equipment Hire, Courses, Malta Diving Holidays and Gozo Diving

    If anyone has done some diving there, I'd love to get your suggestions/ feedback.

    Hope everything is going well with all of you!
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    Welcome back and have fun diving in Malta. I'll be eating turkey at Sh*tass McFoo's on Thanksgiving.
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