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Thread: Spearfishing in Oklahoma

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    Spearfishing in Oklahoma

    Does anyone know the regulations on spearfishing in Oklahoma?

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    From the OK web site ( Statewide Regulations ):

    GIG, GRABHOOK, SPEAR AND SPEARGUN: Gigs and spears are legal for taking nongame fish and white bass only. Grabhooks (handheld hook, handheld pole of natural or man-made material, or rope with a single hook attached used in the initial taking of a fish) are prohibited in all state waters. Change for 2011: SCUBA divers in Delaware and Mayes counties are no longer exempt from the grabhook restriction. Spearguns used by SCUBA divers are legal for taking nongame fish, blue and channel catfish.
    Gigs, spears and spearguns shall:
    not contain more than three (3) points with no more than two (2) barbs on each point;
    be lawful in all rivers and streams from Dec. 1 through Mar. 31, and year-round in all reservoirs, unless restricted under "Special Area Regulations."

    It's also very convoluted as it seems each lake or river has it's own restrictions: ( The following water bodies have special regulations that differ for one or more species of fish )

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