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Thread: Profile pic not showing up...

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    Question Profile pic not showing up...

    Anybody know how to make your profile pic show up? I have uploaded it and made it small but it still does not show up in my!
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    If you mean the small picture (mine is of a shark) that is under your name in every post, that's your avatar. Add it here:

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    I often take pictures from my 12 megapixel camera, convert them to JPG and shrink them down. Even then they are still over 19.5 KB. So I have to play with the image quality or number of colours to get the size of the file down. Maybe you are experiencing similar problems. Do you have good image software for altering the original picture? On Windows you might be able to get away with using mspaint.exe. I'm on a Mac and use Aperature. PhotoShop would be capable of shrinking the dimensions and byte size.
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    As diversteve said you want to edit your avatar this is not the same thing as your profile picture which does show up when I looked at your profile.
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    Problem solved...thought profile pic was same as avatar but I got it now....thanks diversteve!
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