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Thread: Need help with ordering parts

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    Need help with ordering parts


    I have DS-V first stage and Z-octopus: ordered it for stage, but want use it as primary set for double.
    I placed order with in May 2011, and still waiting for delivery.

    In my order are:
    - Zeagle DS-V Dry Sealed Din (310-4120)
    - Z 2nd stage with Black Cover and NO hose (320-8110)
    - 2nd Stage Service Kit (345-2000)
    - Zeagle 1st Stage Service Kit (345-1000)

    Could you help me with ordering these stuff?


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    Sure, shoot an email to [email protected] and give us an address we would need to ship to and we'll figure out the total costs. And it won't take a year!!!!

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