Hi, Fellow Divers.

This is admittedly some self-promotion, but hopefully this post will be of interest to those of you who have a Bonaire dive trip on your calendars. Last month, I finished a couple of years' work updating my book, Diving Bonaire. It has previously been published in paper (remember that stuff?) by Aqua Quest. Since I'm a huge fan of the Kindle, I released the latest version as an eBook on Amazon for $5. It's a bit of an experiment, and your feedback would be appreciated, both on the contents of the book if you dive Bonaire, and on the eBook format in general. You can just search Amazon.com for two keywords to find it: Lewbel Bonaire.

Here's the direct link to the book online:

Amazon.com: Diving Bonaire eBook: George Lewbel: Kindle Store

Thanks for looking!