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Thread: Bio fins marked MS??

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    Bio fins marked MS??

    Hey everybody, just trying to get a question answered, after searching far and wide over the internets and coming up with nothing. I'd love some of these fins, but the price is mighty steep. There is a man selling his 2 hours away from me, although he listed the size as "MS". Does anyone know what that means? I asked him, and he had no idea. He was also selling a pair of booties in a men's size 5 to go with them. Any ideas? Possible an older model with different sizing conventions?
    Thanks for any info!

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    Possibly the man suffer from dyslexia and they actually say SM for small. Or it could be the colour of the fin. Apollo did have a version which were Metallic Silver (MS).
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    The fins are black, so it can't be metallic silver for MS. I e-mailed him about it and he said that he rechecked it and it does still say MS. I thought maybe he had typed it in wrong. I would hate to drive 2 hours there and back to find that they were not a small size. Although for a savings of $100-200 dollars (depending on where you buy them,) it might be worth it.
    Thanks for the feed back!

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    You could also ask someone from Apollo. There is a rep on the other board. You can find a link to him at View Profile: mdb or you can post a message to their forum and see if someone has an answer: Apollo Sports USA.
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    Pretty sure that about a mens size 5, women's 6 will be about right.

    Way back they used that for a medium - small, and their xs were marked with a box around a S. So those are about meduim - small, and I'd say if you are wearing a mens size bootie from 4-6 or womens from 5-7 they should be about right. Although without the exact bootie, that can be a bit off, as hard soles take more space than soft.

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    The DH & I have the original Biofin Pros we bought back in '99 or 2000, and yes the smalls were labeled with an 'S' in a box. I wear a mens 6/womens 7 bootie, so I would think the MS marked fins would fit booties a size or two higher.

    I will say, we've worn them on over 400 dives over 9 years, and 2-3 years of snorkeling trips before that, so the suckers are built to last, and well worth what we paid for them!

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    You guys are great! I realized that he only lives 30 minutes away, so it is much more reasonable for me to drive over and try them on than what I previously had thought. This is excellent information though, and makes me much more confident in finding a good fit. Thanks!

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