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Thread: S-Tray vs. Modular Tray

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    S-Tray vs. Modular Tray

    Has anyone tried the s-tray from Optical Ocean Sales? I need to buy a new tray and arms in the next day or two and I can't decide between the s-tray and the modular tray. The s-tray looks nice and is supposed to be more ergonomic, but hoping to hear some feedback from someone that has used it. I have DX-1G and 2 strobes. Thanks!

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    Truthfully it really is a matter of personal preference.

    Either style will work and both would be adjustable to fit your housing and preferred spacing from grip to shutter/controls. The S-Tray I believe would be lighter with a little more "flex" than the Modular Tray making it suitable to smaller systems (like compacts and M4/3 housings). I have used the Modular Tray with my S&S DX-*G systems but have not personally used the S-Tray.

    I don't really see a difference in the range of motion since they both use the ball and joint arm systems and I can't really see why one would outlast the other from the durability side, unless you planned to upgrade to a larger/heavier system in the future.

    So, not much help here other than the weight and rigidity characteristics.

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    I have the S-tray on my Oly E-pl1. I find it sits well in your hand and you can hold the tray and still reach the trigger with your fingertips.

    Hope that helps.

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