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Thread: Scallops!

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    I love scallops.

    It's just easier to acquire zebra mussels.

    (Kids, this is a joke, do not eat zebra mussels. They are full of the nastiness that used to be held in suspension in the lake's water)
    "Time's fun when you're having flies." -Kermit the Frog

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    Since this thread was already out there it was worth bringing it back for the folks in the NE.
    Had another fantastic dive with Captains Jim and Pat at Boston Scuba today! A little bit of rain didn't dampen anyone's spirits as we had good (10 ft.) vis with no current for the first dive and everyone nearly bagged their limit. The second dive was work as the current had picked up considerably but those gallon bags got completely topped off! The water was a balmy 45 deg.
    Andrea and "Bloody" Pete, it was great meeting and diving with you, and to Anna who is being sent to Bahrain after the holidays - be well, be safe and thank you for your service. It was a pleasure!

    Recipe? Don't need no stinkin recipe! Pan seared with butter, garlic and lemon or broiled wrapped in bacon. Simple and easy!
    Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment.

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    WOW green with envy!

    I did splurge tonight and had some king crab but I bagged mine at Costco.

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