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Thread: NEW TUTORIALS: Scuba tank racks made from Pool Noodle & rope. VIDEO & PDFs

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    NEW TUTORIALS: Scuba tank racks made from Pool Noodle & rope. VIDEO & PDFs

    Hi Guys,

    I've made some tutorials on how to make scuba tank racks made from Pool Noodles & Rope, these things are not a new idea, however I have made these very basic to construct, the rope is spliced together so there is no need for any other hardware.

    These are great things to stop those tanks clanging together in the boot of the car.

    The instructions are detailed & easy to follow, I have uploaded them to my YouTube channel: MDTV3 Channel - YouTube

    A single scuba tank rack

    A multiple scuba tank rack

    You can download the printed instructions from my wordpress site
    Scuba Diving mdtv3

    Hope you enjoy this post.

    Dean Menhennet

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    Very nice. One of my instructors had her father make her something similar. One difference was that he put the rope holes closer together. If you get them close enough you can actually flip one pool noodle, twisting the rope, such that two pool noodle sections will just touch. Essentially, if the length of the rope is long 120mm and the noodle is 500mm long you want to measure 190mm in rather than 70mm in. A stronger but thinner rope is advisable.
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    It sounds interesting, I read your comments a couple of times to see if I could visualise it, not 100% sure I followed you correctly. I suppose you dont have a picture or sketch?


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    Don't actually have the tank rack to take a picture. Won't be seeing the person who owns the rack until April 15th.

    Try this...

    Take your single tank rack. Hold one noodle in each hand so the noodles are straight up and down. Take the noodle in your right hand and rotate it towards you so the top of the noodle becomes the bottom.

    With your design you won't be able to rotate the noodle completely but if you put the connecting rope closer together you should be able to rotate the noodle 180 degrees. As you rotate it, it will get pulled towards the other noodle.
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    Thanks for the video. It was well done and easy to understand. I'll give it a try this summer.

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