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Thread: Grand Caymen in October w/Royal Caribbean

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    Grand Caymen in October w/Royal Caribbean

    Long Story Short...

    The wife and I will be on a cruise this summer going to GC with Royal Caribbean. She is going to be a new open water diver (hopefully plus 4-8 dives local before we go).

    My questions is this: Have any of you had a trip through Royal Caribbean and know which of the dive vendors they are using on a regular basis? I've contemplated booking a dive through another company not through the cruise ship and my wife is against this due tot he "don't want to miss the boat" problems. We won't get to pick out outfitter but I would still like to do some inter web research on the boat or boats we could be taking.

    Any Input?

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    The RC operator might be Red Sail.
    Don Fosters also does a lot of cruise activity since they're 1/2 mi. south of the cruise port but RC doesn't seem to be listed:

    Another option downtown is Lobster Pot Dive Center - they book 3 different operators - I think you could almost walk there from the cruise dock. FYI, cruise pax are tendered in.

    One of them is Wall to Wall Divers -

    How far Lobster Pot is from your ship: Wall Photos | Facebook

    For some reason I'm getting an attack site warning when I try their webpage:

    If you wanted to try shore diving, Eden Rock is 3/10ths of a mile south of the cruise port. Frankly decades of cruise divers haven't done it much good - we thought it was the worst dive we did all week.

    Sunset House is also 5mins. south by cab.

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